Blue Bird

This Las Vegas home remodel was one of five homes we renovated with HGTV’s Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott. The owners, Austin and Cody, were looking for a big change. They loved the open floor plan of their new home, but felt that the dark floors and cabinets were not the best way to show it off. They also knew that their ideal dream home would have to have a large kitchen to serve their love of baking, so enlarging the kitchen would be a must. Austin and Cody had recently sold their old house and were temporarily living with Cody’s parents, so they were counting on us to provide a quality renovation as quickly as possible.

We got started right away by updating the floors to a lighter wood laminate. Then we knocked down a wall and doorway to incorporate an unused formal dining room into the new kitchen layout. Doing so not only gave them a larger kitchen, but also improved traffic flow, which would come in handy when baking as a family or entertaining guests. In the new, enlarged kitchen, we installed upgraded custom cabinets and appliances, and added beautiful french doors to flood the place with light.

Alongside the Property Brothers, we finished this renovation in only six weeks. By replacing the floors and adding more natural light, we made Austin and Cody’s home instantly more spacious and inviting. Set against a neutral color palette, the new blue cabinets, cosy banquettes, and french doors made it an irresistible place to entertain. Also, with a kitchen twice the size of the home’s original, family baking time would be more successful and enjoyable than ever. Check out the upgrades in the before-and-after pictures below.

Before and Afters

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