Rancho Mirage

Rancho Mirage is one of our best home renovation stories. We partnered with HGTV’s Property Brothers to completely transform this placed into a pet-friendly home.

Our clients were big animal lovers and wanted their home pet-friendly to fit all of their furry family members. The home they purchased was a spacious, but extremely outdated. It had old paint, carpet and was very closed off. Our plan was to open everything up and upgrade everything.

In the living room, we took out some walls and installed textured beams instead. We also changed out the old carpet with new hardwood flooring and even remodeled the fireplace.

We knew that the kitchen would be the busiest place for this pet-friendly family, so we created lost of cabinet space, dining space and even put in a custom fillable water station for their dogs. But we didn’t stop there. We knew that their dogs were family and we wanted to give them a unique place to call their own. Just off the living room, we installed a custom doggie door!

To the side of the kitchen, we installed a personal speakeasy! Now these home owners could entertain their guests without ever leaving the comfort of their own home!

The transformation of this pet-friendly home is one of our favorites. You can see some before and after photos below. Head over to our featured homes page to see more final photos of this home!

Before and Afters

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