This renovation is one of our biggest home transformations. Our Kingdom Home team remodeled every square inch of this dated home. From floor to ceiling, we reconstructed storage, lighting, flooring and modernized every room.

Let’s start with the laundry room renovation. Due to the small square footage in this home, the owner was feeling very crowded. Their old storage space was breaking and too cramped. To maximize space, we removed their old countertops and shelving and replaced them with durable cabinets and a built-in mudroom instead. As you can see in the photos below, the laundry room functions much better.

This house was very outdated in every single area. The entryway leading to the kitchen was wallpapered and tiled and severely cutting off space. We completed this renovation by opening up the whole area and replaced the stained tile with wood laminate flooring.

The kitchen of this home had the biggest facelift of all. Like other areas of this house, the kitchen felt too small. The countertops and cabinets stuck out in the wrong areas and cut off most of the space. We decided to open up the kitchen and replace everything. We continued the renovation by installing white cabinets with a maximum amount of shelving, continued the wood laminate flooring throughout the room, dropped in modern overhead lighting, placed quartz countertops and even added a navy blue island.

Before we worked on the living room, we wanted to create a plan to continue that open concept feel. The goal was to make kitchen, living room and dining room all flow together effortlessly. We did just that by removing built-in cabinets, old flooring, and any textured walls.

We finished the renovation of this Las Vegas home off by upgrading the bathrooms. All three bathrooms have the same stained tile, old cabinets and countertops, and extremely outdated toilets and showers – one even had a urinal! For the upgrade, we replaced the flooring, countertops, showers, and toilets and added custom backsplashes, cabinets, lighting, fixtures, and laminate flooring.

In the remainder of the house, we removed old wallpaper and carpet and replaced it with clean paint and laminate flooring. Take a look at the before and after photos below. You can see the full transformation here.

Before and After

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